What is Farmily..


Working as a team you enter an online virtual farm where you will learn how to utilise food for power,

Starting on the Farm you will learn to eat from the farm without access to a shop, If you can harvest it you can eat it,

Fresh produce to meat - fish unlimitedly.

Farms face daily challenges and you will need to harvest your farm by using your classes to earn Cardio mins our classes range from low impact to high impact with classes for all including seated workouts.

As you build your farm you will work as a team to build a farm shop where you can buy many treats and foods made from the harvest of your farm as you have no money in the farm the only way to buy from the farm shop is with your minuets earnt in your online classes,

Dont worry about the science behind it we disguise it all in farm challenges and every food has a minuet value in the shop so all you have to do is earn the mins !

we have 100% successes with all farmers loosing the weight and getting fitter easier than ever before

all you need is access to the internet and scales.

live classes
on demand classes 247
8 hours a day live support
Farm forum
weekly weigh in
Daily challenges

From Farm To Fork To Fit

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The Process

The future of fitness
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